Introducing 3shape Scanning

What is the Trios 3shape Scanner?

Trios 3shape Intraoral Scanner is a digitally enhanced scanner that takes intricate 3D digital impressions of a patient’s oral health — all in colour and impressive detail. Designed to give an outstanding patient experience, the Trios 3shape Intraoral Scanner enables dentists to communicate visually with their patients, bringing up quality images on a screen in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of the Trios 3shape Intraoral Scanner:

  • View intricate impressions on a digitally enhanced screen
  • Watch everything in 3D AND in colour
  • Receive non-invasive treatment that gives you a detailed view of your oral health
  • We can quickly scan instead of using messy impression material
  • Get fast, accurate results for fast, accurate treatment
  • Fully understand your treatment

More importantly, the results are accurate, meaning your treatment will be enhanced to benefit you now and in the future.

Digital Dentistry At Its Best

At Morgan Crossing Dental we are always researching and learning about new, cutting edge products that can improve the experience for our patients. We always strive to have the most innovative products to enhance your treatment and create inspiring experiences for our patients.

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